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Well, at least this is better than when the GreatestJournal just suddenly disappeared and ate the OMG Naruto OP, we've had repeated warnings in the form of dick moves by increments here.

I wonder if they are doing this under the foolishly backward assumption that the 4chan/fandom side of the Internet is a less valuable advertisement base than Facebook? Facebook is a goldmine of demographics information - which advertisers use to shape their marketing strategies...um, but the thing about the alias-alias fandom side of the Internet is this - you don't NEED to know who we are or where we went to school, we are here and we are specifically here to hobby up on our specific interests. Stop trying to decode our private texts when we are already telling you what we want! DVDs/books/posters of the fandoms we are interested in, movie trailers featuring actresses/actors of the cast of the series we like, romantic gay porn ...heck, considering how much some fans like emulating the habits of their favourite characters, ads of the stores where they got their clothes? I've been dying to know where Willow Rosenberg and Spencer Reid get their adorable sweaters.

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