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In this post, Everything Goes, from mutually respectful lovemaking, to graphic non-con. If violence and consent issues make you uncomfortable, please go to 5B Safe Space, which will be like the internet with SafeSearch on. To all users: post whatever you want in this post, but don't crosspost anything to Safe Space unless you are sure there are no violence or consent issues.

Golden Rule of CM Kink Meme 5: That y'all be excellent to each other, this means:
1. No Your Kink Is Not Alright memes, don't like, don't read, scroll scroll scroll.
2. Use Warnings: There is labelling to let people find their kink, and then there is warning for common triggers such as Rape, Incest (plz specify if it's Same Generation or Cross Generation, as there are people who are cool with twincest but squicked by Woody Allen and his adopted daughter), Death, Snuff, Torture, and Relationship Abuse. Please use this in the subject header or at the very beginning of your comment so that people can easily scroll over it. I know this is the Everything Goes Post, but many people, including me, have kinks that includes some common triggers while being trigger by Other Triggers. (ETA: Please also warn for RealPersonFiction at the very beginning, and use a huge disclaimer too, thank you.)
3. Character Bashing: Everything Goes Here, but if you are going to make character C into Ron the Death Eater as a side to A/B, please warn ahead of the fic so that C fans may skip it.
- If you have any issues or questions, see Questions and Discussion post
4. Prompters and Seconders: Keep it Anonymous! Anon is preferably, signing it is okay if you are posting fics, please only sign in if you are posting a reply.

Formatting: I recommend that you list your pairings twice to ease search. There is a convention in some fandom, where instead of listing "A/B" to means that this pairing involves a and b, it lists AB and BA to indicate who is 'on top' during a sex scene. Some people don't care, some people do. If you don't, just list it as "A/B", if it's D/s, list it as AB or BA depending on who is 'on top' during the scene in question.

For ease of search, especially for the people getting this in their email, totally make your subject header informative (there is no particular order, just include pairing and kink (which could include who is on top)::

"A/B, BA, B helps A act out a non-con fantasy"

"Unsubs/A, UnsubsA is kidnapped, non-con, taunting phonecalls."

"A/B, BA, A is drunk and B takes advantage."

"A/C, CA, A is in an abusive relationship with C, sex in which A is both aroused but afraid please."

"A/B, BA, roleplaying, bondage, necktie"

"A/B, AB, pegging"

"A/B/C, ABC CBA, the answer to a shipwar is threesome!"

"A/B, BA, B feeds A ice cream from on top of A's desk"

"A/B, AB, A surprises B in the shower"

"A/B, AB, shower surprise"

"A/B, BA, h/c post break with C(bashing!)"

"A/B/C, AB, CB, h/c bondage, frottage, fingering, and double penetration - B has a long and stressful day and A and C takes care of him/her"

(If you notice the red font, those would be an example of what you shouldn't crosspost to Safe Space.)

Have fun, let's break this meme in!

ETA: List of Kinks

Formatting: "I recommend" means it's optional, but I highly recommend you use formatting, and here's why, and hello, we show up on Google now!

Pinboard Account (thank you [livejournal.com profile] littledrop)
Search the Meme, plug in:
"site:http://cm-kink.livejournal.com/ Your Kink"

For example:
"site:cm-kink.livejournal.com "Garcia/Morgan" will get you Garcia/Morgan and Morgan/Garcia (just like how searching for James Auagavaqwe will also get you Jimmy Auagavaqwe because google reads that)

"site:http://cm-kik.livejournal.com GarciaMorgan" With quotes around "GarciaMorgan" will specifically yield you GarciaMorgan, which signifies that she's the more dommy one in this fic.

So when listing contents of pairing, especially in threesomes* go by ABC, A/B/C (Haley/Hotch/Reid), but narrowing it down, the SECOND time you list it, minus the /, it means who is on top, which is good news for people searching for "ReidHotch" or "HotchReid" (you have to use "AB" for google to filter out the A/B)
*because google isn't reading variation in threesome order as well as it does in Jimmy is also James. "A/B/C" might miss you out on "C/B/A" hits.

If this confuse you: it's optional, just post your prompt, but if it's harder to find, it's harder to answer. Reply Anons who gets Boolean - if you are replying to a prompt or fic in which the thread does not have the keywords to make it show up on Google, add it in! Thank you,

Fills Post 5A Everything Goes

...and finally, following ansera's fine tradition, here's a brief PublicServiceAnnoucement:
InRealLife: Please remember to practice Safe Sane Consensual: Whenever you do someone, you must confirm the presence of affirmative consent, if it's anything less then an explicit verbal yes, please please please make sure that the moaning is in pleasure, etc etc. It's not going to kill the mood if you affirm consent by huskily asking your partner "What would you like me to do to you now?" Additionally, don't spring forced play on someone without talking about it first, remember, a mood ruined by talking about it NOW can be more easily repaired than Accidental Assault! Safewords don't work when someone is gagged, etc etc Questions and Discussion post
...and if you missed Sexual Health or need more brush up, Go Ask Alice

Reminders: Keep it anon. The only /allowances/ are for people posting fics and authors replying to comments, and even then, I strongly encourage Anons. For a lot of people, there is much less inhibition to being kinky if you don't recognize anyone else here...

On Character Bashing and/or Characters as Rapists Prompts: Okay peeps, I'm sure I'm not the only one (though it certainly isn't for everyone) who enjoy Villain/Hero slash, like Master/Doctor(Who?) because it's hot. ...and goody two shoes Willow Rosenberg is frequently written as evil rapist Vamp!Willow, by people who think it's hot. With that in mind:
a) If you see your beloved Knight of a Character requested or written as a rapist here - let's just assume that OP requested it because they think the knight in question is hotter when evil, so it's not character bashing.
b) Character Bashing: If you prompter, have indeed requested the Knight to be Ebil not because you think the Knight is hot, but because you just need a villain, especially to set up your True Love pairing, PLEASE PLEASE, Warn for character bashing, I don't care how minor the character is, Haley, Will, Jack, Agent Anderson, warn plz (like, dude, I have been in fandoms where I have participated in character bashing - in my own LJ or at the designated comm, it's like how get my angry yelling done before I spend time with the people I love, wise is wise, NO FIGHTING!).
---- So for the love of god, in prompts where there is character bashing, or where a character is portrayed as a rapist (UNLESS the character is an Unsub), please don't say things like, "in my head, that's canon", this is not the place fo rit.
----- If you come across something like that, DO NOT REPLY, contact me and I'll delete it.

BBs, we have a new home:

Criminal Kink Meme VII

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7A - Everything Goes
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For members of our community who are trauma survivors and find violence and/or consent issues triggering, please consider the option of this: 7B - Safe Space
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From: (Anonymous)
Haley likes it when Aaron holds her down, when he /commands/ her to comply - the way he always 'forced' her to do everything she wants.

Hotch/Reid/Emily, threesome, double penetration

Date: 2011-10-26 06:18 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hotch/Reid/Emily established relationship, after/during current canon timline please. Double penetration, the twist is it's Reid being penetrated lol. Can be make-up sex, angsty, fluffy reunion sex or whatever, I just want them all to be in a committed poly relationship. :) Thanks!

Reid/Elle, fuck or die

Date: 2011-10-26 01:35 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Season 1 era, epic Reid awkwardness preferred. No violence. Bonus if Elle is also required to top Reid.

"Desperate Times", Elle/Reid, fuck or die [1/2]

Date: 2011-10-27 02:27 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
With a gun trained at the back of Reid's head, Elle didn't see much choice in the matter. There was a bruise blossoming across her temple from where the UnSub's boot had made contact. Reid had run out of psycho-babble meant to deter the UnSub's crazed need, the UnSub had cocked his pistol, and Elle was out of time.

"Come on," she said, stepping forward to grab a handful of Reid's blouse, which had once been neatly pressed and now hung loosely of his frame. "I want you to do it."

Reid startled at her touch, hands flying up in the defensive to frame the sides of his paled face. "I-I can't," he stammered.

Elle forced Reid sideways, out of the gun's immediate firing range, and pushed him up against the concrete wall of the UnSub's makeshift prison. They were in a factory someplace, but they couldn't be sure. This city had more empty car factories per square mile than any other place in the world. It was a sex-crazed psychopath's fantasy playground. And now here they were, just her and Reid and a man the team had just put a name to--Jordan Helmer--and if she didn't fuck her agent now they were both going to die. And even if they did, just like all the couples before them, the might die anyway. Gunshot to the face, right between the eyes. Bang.

So if this was going to be her last fuck, it was going to be a good one.

Reid, who had remained somewhat calm until now, seemed on the brink of a panic attack. His pupils were wide, his mouth slack, hands fumbling as he watched Elle pull his tie loose and discard it on the floor.

"Elle, he's got a camera. He'll release it to the press, just like he did with the others."

"You think I care about him? Come on, Reid. Don't act like you don't want to fuck me as much I want to fuck you."

Reid swallowed, his adam's apple bobbing in his throat. Elle leaned forward, pressing herself against his skinny frame, and kissed his throat. A groan erupted from Reid's mouth, despite all his effort to stay calm, and he finally let his hands settle on her waist. He ran his hands down over the curve of her ass, pulling her closer. His arousal pressed up through his slacks.

"Did you watch me at my desk, chico??" said Elle between the kisses she was lining up his neck. "All those times I was thinking of you?"


"I know you did. I used to think about fucking you across that desk, you know. Paper flying all over the floor and your big hands all over me. Make it happen, Reid."

He pulled back from her lips to look down at her and shake his head. "I c-can't."

"Yes, you can."

She wrapped her fingers around his wrists and guided his hands to her breasts. He went immediately to her empty double-gun holster and pulled the straps off of her shoulders. He pulled her shirt over her head, and goosebumps spread all over her tanned skin. He unfastened her bra and cupped her breasts, felt her nipples harden in his palms. She grinded her hips into his and kissed him, forcing lips apart with her tongue. Reid groaned into her mouth.

"Desperate Times" Elle/Reid, fuck or die [2/2]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-27 02:28 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: "Desperate Times" Elle/Reid, fuck or die [2/2]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-27 03:46 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: "Desperate Times" Elle/Reid, fuck or die [2/2]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-27 04:16 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: "Desperate Times" Elle/Reid, fuck or die [2/2]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-31 11:40 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: Reid/Elle, fuck or die

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-27 02:43 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: Reid/Elle, fuck or die

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-27 05:32 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: Reid/Elle, fuck or die

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-28 03:36 pm (UTC) - Expand

Reid/Prentiss, Post "Minimal Loss"

Date: 2011-10-26 02:38 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Pairings: Reid/Prentiss (Prentiss/Reid)

After returning from the scene of Minimal Loss, Prentiss knocks on Reid's hotel door late at night and finds that he's not asleep. He's just been standing in the shower for almost an hour, thinking. They talk at first, then they fuck just to make sure the other is still alive.

Roughness, mentions of dirt and wounds, and Reid being the aggressor/beginning the engagement are all A+.

Re: Reid/Prentiss, Post "Minimal Loss"

Date: 2011-10-26 04:36 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Oh man, this would be my ideal fic right about now...

Re: Reid/Prentiss, Post "Minimal Loss"

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-26 04:38 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: Reid/Prentiss, Post "Minimal Loss"

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-26 04:49 pm (UTC) - Expand

Renaissance [1/3]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-26 06:07 pm (UTC) - Expand

Renaissance [2/3]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-26 06:10 pm (UTC) - Expand

Renaissance [3/3]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-26 06:11 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: Renaissance [3/3]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-26 07:18 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: Renaissance [3/3]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-27 01:42 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: Renaissance [3/3]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-26 08:52 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: Renaissance [3/3]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-27 01:43 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: Renaissance [3/3]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-27 12:11 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: Renaissance [3/3]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-27 01:43 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: Renaissance [3/3]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-27 07:05 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: Renaissance [3/3]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-29 01:56 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: Renaissance [3/3]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-29 09:53 pm (UTC) - Expand
From: (Anonymous)
This is a modification of an unfilled prompt from last time:

Elle has been staying at Reid's, the two of them staying up late to drink and do drugs and have sex. When Elle realizes that Reid's use is not just recreational, she has to reveal herself to the team to get the help they need.

Morgan/Reid College fic, dub-con

Date: 2011-10-26 02:50 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'd like a fic where both Reid and Morgan are in college, and Morgan coerces Reid into a sexual relationship without realizing that's what he's doing.
Bonus points for a happy ending, no rape fic please.

Re: Morgan/Reid College fic, dub-con

Date: 2011-11-02 07:47 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

Hotch/Reid Daddy kink

Date: 2011-10-26 03:09 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I saw a Rossi/Reid one like this on one of the old memes, and I really want to see one for Hotch/Reid.
Anything goes as long as it has Reid calling Hotch "Daddy"

Re: Hotch/Reid Daddy kink

Date: 2011-10-27 04:30 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Seconded there's soooooooo not enough hotch/reid daddy kink out there

Re: Hotch/Reid Daddy kink

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-29 09:44 am (UTC) - Expand

Filled...sort of.

From: [identity profile] darkhawkhealer.livejournal.com - Date: 2011-11-01 05:07 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: Filled...sort of.

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-11-01 02:59 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: Filled...sort of.

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-11-18 07:24 pm (UTC) - Expand

Hotch/Reid D/s, Morgan/Reid surprise

Date: 2011-10-26 03:10 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hotch/Reid are in a D/s relationship (though it's an unspoken dynamic rather than officially D/s). Hotch knows Reid has always had feelings for Morgan and feels jealous because he thinks Reid is settling for him. One night on a case at a hotel, Hotch orders Reid to go next door and seduce Morgan. He has no idea Morgan has feelings for Reid, and expects him to end up embarrassed and humiliated. Morgan/Reid end up having intense mindblowing sex, while Hotch can hear through the thin hotel walls. Angry/masturbating Hotch a must. Morgan/Reid endgame a bonus.

Re: Hotch/Reid D/s, Morgan/Reid surprise

Date: 2011-10-30 01:04 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

Re: sorta fill (just the Hotch/Reid part of this prompt)

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-11-19 08:03 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: sorta fill (just the Hotch/Reid part of this prompt)

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-12-12 05:49 am (UTC) - Expand

morgan/reid first time

Date: 2011-10-26 03:15 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Established relationship, Reid tops Morgan for the first time, Reid being ultra careful to make sure Morgan enjoys it.

Re: morgan/reid first time

Date: 2011-10-29 05:55 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Yes, please! Absolutely!

Re: morgan/reid first time

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-30 04:17 pm (UTC) - Expand

Morgan/Garcia, GarciaMorgan toys

Date: 2011-10-26 03:28 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
In which our favourite Rainmaker uses an assortment of toys on Morgan, penetrative, restraints, clamps, etc.

Bonus if they are running a demo for the sexually skittish Spencer Reid.

Garcia, team fanfiction

Date: 2011-10-26 03:36 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Garcia writes smutty fanfiction (or more accurately, RPF) about her co-workers. (Multiple pairings, het/slash/femslash, but this is Garcia so Reid/Morgan is probably top of her list).

Re: Garcia, team fanfiction

Date: 2011-10-29 10:50 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Good God, I second this with the force of a thousand fiery suns

hotch/morgan non-con

Date: 2011-10-26 04:30 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hotch is drunk and Morgan's not saying no, so he must mean yes, right? Afterwards Morgan deals with being reminded of Carl Buford.

Filled: Dues

Date: 2011-10-30 03:06 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Derek curled into himself on the bed. His arms were tight around his stomach. His dark eyes closed as he pretended sleep. His partner was sprawled across the bed, snoring lightly. He had no worries. He had no fears. No problems.

Even though he'd just...

Derek shook his head, refused to go down that route. It was something that had become expected. He'd given such trust to Derek, so much ambitious trust and appreciation. He'd tutored and guided and encouraged. He'd made Derek into the man that he was today. And that much investment wasn't free. Derek had always known that.

It had never been a question of yes or no, only a matter of when.

He wouldn't cry. He refused to cry, even though he felt like he'd been completely betrayed. His eyes are wet, moist, but he refused to let them fall. When Hotch rolled over onto his side and the calloused hand fell onto his hip, Derek couldn't stop himself from flinching.

Fingers push deep, spread and curl before pulling out. Wet fingers trace his hip, curl over the long scar that traces his hip and thigh and hold him still as the other hand holds him open for his cock. Hotch grunts as he pushes through the tight muscles.

There is no chance for him to adjust to the intrusion. Hotch pulls out and slides deeper, quick harsh thrusts that leave no doubt to what his goal is.

Derek drew his knees to his chest and stifled the groan it produced. He hurt. He had hoped, because of how long he'd been with Hotch, that the other man would forget about what he was owed. He'd not been so lucky.

Hotch's breath is heavy, panting against Derek's ear as he moves hard, unrelenting thrusts that push his dick deeper and deeper. Derek doesn't like it, it doesn't feel good. It hurts more than he can stand, and he should be used to it.

Derek winced as he forced his body to straighten out. He didn't want to get a cramp curled in on himself. He rolled onto his back and Hotch's hand slid to his lower belly. It was a possessive touch. And Derek wanted to vomit. Derek knew that it was what Hotch wanted. And even though he didn't want it, he would give this man his dues.

Hotch freezes, poised deep within Derek's body as he comes hard. It's a burning rush of fluid and Derek closes his eyes in shame. He wasn't even worth the consideration of a condom. Hotch's nails dig deep into his hips and Derek waits. Hotch will soften, he'll pull out. And if Derek's lucky, he'll get a shower. Hotch bows over his kneeling body and kisses Derek's shoulder softly. Possessive and tender.

"That's so good, baby," he praises. He pulls himself back and lays down, dragging Derek down to the bed with him.

Re: Filled: Dues

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-30 03:31 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: Filled: Dues

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-30 01:01 pm (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-12-21 09:43 pm (UTC) - Expand

Morgan/Reid Hair kink

Date: 2011-10-26 04:32 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Reid dyes his hair blonde, Morgan likes it.

Re: Morgan/Reid Hair kink

Date: 2011-10-26 04:44 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
...wondering why this one wasn't put on the vanilla one? isn't only potentially triggering stuff supposed to go on this post?

Re: Morgan/Reid Hair kink

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-26 04:47 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: Morgan/Reid Hair kink

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-26 06:01 pm (UTC) - Expand

Seconded so frigging much!

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-11-17 05:35 am (UTC) - Expand

gideon/reid noncon, morgan/reid h/c

Date: 2011-10-26 04:46 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
gideon has been forcing reid to do sexual things, morgan finds out and wants to beat the hell out of gideon, but reid just wants to have sex with morgan, who loves him and won't use him

Re: gideon/reid noncon, morgan/reid h/c

Date: 2011-10-28 04:49 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
From: (Anonymous)
Instead of killing Haley, Foyet rapes her to get to Hotch. Could I have Haley survives this so there is Hotch/Haley h/c? Even if it's just Hotch holding Haley in the end.

"I'm having your wife, Agent Hotchner, I'm /having/ her right now."
From: (Anonymous)
The BAU has been called into investigate and confounding case of serial murders in a rural region with conflicting methods - and it was a trap to kidnap Hotch. A group of unsubs have decided to taunt the authority by breaking in the very alpha unit chief as their bitch.
Forceful fucking of mouth and ass, double penetration, taunting videotapes or photographs, suspension bondage, nipple piercing, biting marking and branding, collaring, verbal abuse, money shot. Hotch crying.
From: (Anonymous)

Reid/Hotch/Haley - threesome

Date: 2011-10-26 06:52 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Reid is part of their family, he comes round for dinner and celebrates birthdays etc with them. The fact that Hotch and Reid are lovers is out in the open, Haley knows and accepts it. But after a while she starts wanting Hotch too.

(can R/H/H threesome sex, or R/Hotch sex with hints that Haley wants in, or R/Haley sex with references to that arrangement)

Re: Reid/Hotch/Haley - threesome

Date: 2011-10-26 07:13 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Oh nom nom nom, YES THIS.

Have you ever seen Dharma & Greg? It was actually like a lighter version of Haley and Hotch, there were so many overlapped references it has to be deliberate. Pirates, love at first sight, well, mostly it was the Alpha but Dorky husband, but still. In "Like, Dharma's Totally Got a Date", this reallllly geeky kid who is like a more autty and less pretty (but still kinda cute) kid named Donald, asked Dharma to to be his date for homecoming dance, and Greg was cool with it, and Greg was friends with Donald, hahaha, First Time with a married couple for the win.

I think Hotch gets a lot of comfort and kicks from commanding people. Okay, some people read that to mean that he'll be submissive in bed, and maybe he is, sometimes, but I read that to means that in the downtime, he likes commanding people for fun, in a safe and comfortable situation.

I'm saying that in addition to watching Haley and Reid, Hotch would get a lot of kicks out of instructing them on what to do throughout.

Re: Reid/Hotch/Haley - threesome

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-11-01 09:25 pm (UTC) - Expand

"Haley the Lieutenant" Haley/Hotch/Reid short

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-11-30 12:48 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: "Haley the Lieutenant" Haley/Hotch/Reid short

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-11-30 02:16 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: "Haley the Lieutenant" Haley/Hotch/Reid short

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-12-07 08:51 pm (UTC) - Expand

Re: "Haley the Lieutenant" Haley/Hotch/Reid short

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-12-08 12:13 am (UTC) - Expand

Buford-Reid, Morgan/Reid - protective Morgan

Date: 2011-10-26 07:00 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Maybe Buford was never caught, maybe this happens at some point during that ep, anything goes. BUT! Morgan sees Buford around Reid and panicks... Morgan/Reid is very welcome but I'd rather not have it be established relationship.

Re: Buford-Reid, Morgan/Reid - protective Morgan

Date: 2011-10-26 09:11 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
On it!!!

Buford/Reid - rape

Date: 2011-10-26 07:04 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
All details (timeline etc) up to you, but I want to see Morgan not visiting Reid afterwards because he blames himself for not having dealt with Buford before. Reid is confused.

Morgan/Reid is very welcome but I'd rather not have it be established relationship.

Re: Buford/Reid - rape

Date: 2011-10-30 03:43 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
yes please

morgan/reid, jealous!hotch

Date: 2011-10-26 07:14 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hotch has feelings for Reid. Reid and Morgan are very much in love. When Hotch hears Morgan call Reid 'Spencer' he's annoyed. When he catches them screwing in an SUV in the parking lot he's livid.

Lie Enough To Heal, morgan/reid, jealous!hotch

Date: 2011-11-05 02:57 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The small hairs on the back of his neck start to tingle, and he can feel heat rise to his temples. They say "seeing red" but Hotch thinks he's seeing black and white. The edges of his vision blur, as he concentrates his focus on Morgan as he passes a cup of hot coffee to Reid.

Such a mundane gesture of friendship.

If he lets his suspicions run wild, Hotch would have to start looking at their pattern of speech, not that he already doesn't. He knows. They know he knows. They don't think he cares. He cares.

Hotch looks at them. Their small touches, the looks, the undeniable smile Reid shows just to Morgan. For a genius, he surely isn't so smart on discretion.

He listens intently. The small "Spencer" goes undetected to the world at large, but it catches in Hotch's ears, and it makes him sick. The words he's kept inside him for so long are trying to find a way out of his mouth. It mixes with the voice he always imagined would be hot and wet when the genius calls out Aaron. It makes him sicker.

It stings.

It stings so bad, he wants to cry. He thinks he might when he finally reaches his car, protected in privacy. That's when he spots the twosome walking together. He will puke if they actually hold hands. What a fucking disaster is all he allows himself to think when they reach Morgan's car, and they kiss. It's simultaneously proof of his suspicion, and an insult to his being.

They don't understand. Morgan and Reid just don't understand the kind of hell Hotch wants to unleash on them. He could be juvenile and report them to the Bureau. He could take pictures of them like this, send it to Strauss anonymously. She'd make short work of the team, send them all to different departments. He'd be shit out of luck, but no one else would have Reid then. The Bureau will toss the beautifully tragic genius out after they find out he's damaged goods. Maybe then, Reid, Spencer, will look at him. Come to him. Seek the refuge he needs in Hotch.

He does cry. He leaves the parking lot, leaves the lovers in Morgan's oversized SUV. He doesn't see them in the back seat, he doesn't hear them. He doesn't need to in order to know what they are doing.

The night air is enough to numb the pain. Maybe he'll drink tonight. Jerk off to images of Reid's naked skin. Wake up and go to work all the same.

He'll lie to the world, and maybe he'll lie to himself. Maybe the lie will come true tomororw, and he'll no longer need Reid.


Date: 2011-10-26 07:14 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
After 'It takes a Village' How does Morgan really feel? Emily lets him work through it. Rough, Bondage, Orgasm denial....any or all of these, add more if you think more is needed.

Re: Morgan/Prentiss

Date: 2011-10-31 08:59 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
totally seconded!


Date: 2011-10-26 07:15 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
established relationship. Morgan freaks out when reid/hotch want to top him. the two guys help him work it out. Lots of angst but with a happy ending please :D

jj/prentiss phonesex

Date: 2011-10-26 07:16 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
jj/prentiss phonesex while she's in hiding

Re: jj/prentiss phonesex

Date: 2011-10-27 01:47 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Oh my lanta this is brilliant. Seconded!

Re: jj/prentiss phonesex

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-29 05:39 pm (UTC) - Expand

Non-Con Reid/Gideon

Date: 2011-10-26 07:19 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Gideon been taking advantage of Eeid for years and now Reid is starting to notice. maybe Morgan or Hotch help him to see this or even Rossi.

Re: Non-Con Reid/Gideon

Date: 2011-10-29 09:46 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Seconded! I love dark!Gideon fic.

Re: Non-Con Reid/Gideon

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-10-29 10:47 pm (UTC) - Expand

Filled: Non-Con Reid/Gideon

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2011-12-28 05:36 am (UTC) - Expand

Re: Filled: Non-Con Reid/Gideon

From: [personal profile] amy494walker - Date: 2012-02-06 08:48 pm (UTC) - Expand

Non-con Prentiss/Doyle/Morgan

Date: 2011-10-26 07:34 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Doyle forces Morgan to watch while he takes Prentiss. 'She's mine' mentality.

Re: Non-con Prentiss/Doyle/Morgan

Date: 2011-10-27 05:09 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
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