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In this post, Everything Goes, from mutually respectful lovemaking, to graphic non-con. If violence and consent issues make you uncomfortable, please go to 5B Safe Space, which will be like the internet with SafeSearch on. To all users: post whatever you want in this post, but don't crosspost anything to Safe Space unless you are sure there are no violence or consent issues.

Golden Rule of CM Kink Meme 5: That y'all be excellent to each other, this means:
1. No Your Kink Is Not Alright memes, don't like, don't read, scroll scroll scroll.
2. Use Warnings: There is labelling to let people find their kink, and then there is warning for common triggers such as Rape, Incest (plz specify if it's Same Generation or Cross Generation, as there are people who are cool with twincest but squicked by Woody Allen and his adopted daughter), Death, Snuff, Torture, and Relationship Abuse. Please use this in the subject header or at the very beginning of your comment so that people can easily scroll over it. I know this is the Everything Goes Post, but many people, including me, have kinks that includes some common triggers while being trigger by Other Triggers. (ETA: Please also warn for RealPersonFiction at the very beginning, and use a huge disclaimer too, thank you.)
3. Character Bashing: Everything Goes Here, but if you are going to make character C into Ron the Death Eater as a side to A/B, please warn ahead of the fic so that C fans may skip it.
- If you have any issues or questions, see Questions and Discussion post
4. Prompters and Seconders: Keep it Anonymous! Anon is preferably, signing it is okay if you are posting fics, please only sign in if you are posting a reply.

Formatting: I recommend that you list your pairings twice to ease search. There is a convention in some fandom, where instead of listing "A/B" to means that this pairing involves a and b, it lists AB and BA to indicate who is 'on top' during a sex scene. Some people don't care, some people do. If you don't, just list it as "A/B", if it's D/s, list it as AB or BA depending on who is 'on top' during the scene in question.

For ease of search, especially for the people getting this in their email, totally make your subject header informative (there is no particular order, just include pairing and kink (which could include who is on top)::

"A/B, BA, B helps A act out a non-con fantasy"

"Unsubs/A, UnsubsA is kidnapped, non-con, taunting phonecalls."

"A/B, BA, A is drunk and B takes advantage."

"A/C, CA, A is in an abusive relationship with C, sex in which A is both aroused but afraid please."

"A/B, BA, roleplaying, bondage, necktie"

"A/B, AB, pegging"

"A/B/C, ABC CBA, the answer to a shipwar is threesome!"

"A/B, BA, B feeds A ice cream from on top of A's desk"

"A/B, AB, A surprises B in the shower"

"A/B, AB, shower surprise"

"A/B, BA, h/c post break with C(bashing!)"

"A/B/C, AB, CB, h/c bondage, frottage, fingering, and double penetration - B has a long and stressful day and A and C takes care of him/her"

(If you notice the red font, those would be an example of what you shouldn't crosspost to Safe Space.)

Have fun, let's break this meme in!

ETA: List of Kinks

Formatting: "I recommend" means it's optional, but I highly recommend you use formatting, and here's why, and hello, we show up on Google now!

Pinboard Account (thank you [livejournal.com profile] littledrop)
Search the Meme, plug in:
"site:http://cm-kink.livejournal.com/ Your Kink"

For example:
"site:cm-kink.livejournal.com "Garcia/Morgan" will get you Garcia/Morgan and Morgan/Garcia (just like how searching for James Auagavaqwe will also get you Jimmy Auagavaqwe because google reads that)

"site:http://cm-kik.livejournal.com GarciaMorgan" With quotes around "GarciaMorgan" will specifically yield you GarciaMorgan, which signifies that she's the more dommy one in this fic.

So when listing contents of pairing, especially in threesomes* go by ABC, A/B/C (Haley/Hotch/Reid), but narrowing it down, the SECOND time you list it, minus the /, it means who is on top, which is good news for people searching for "ReidHotch" or "HotchReid" (you have to use "AB" for google to filter out the A/B)
*because google isn't reading variation in threesome order as well as it does in Jimmy is also James. "A/B/C" might miss you out on "C/B/A" hits.

If this confuse you: it's optional, just post your prompt, but if it's harder to find, it's harder to answer. Reply Anons who gets Boolean - if you are replying to a prompt or fic in which the thread does not have the keywords to make it show up on Google, add it in! Thank you,

Fills Post 5A Everything Goes

...and finally, following ansera's fine tradition, here's a brief PublicServiceAnnoucement:
InRealLife: Please remember to practice Safe Sane Consensual: Whenever you do someone, you must confirm the presence of affirmative consent, if it's anything less then an explicit verbal yes, please please please make sure that the moaning is in pleasure, etc etc. It's not going to kill the mood if you affirm consent by huskily asking your partner "What would you like me to do to you now?" Additionally, don't spring forced play on someone without talking about it first, remember, a mood ruined by talking about it NOW can be more easily repaired than Accidental Assault! Safewords don't work when someone is gagged, etc etc Questions and Discussion post
...and if you missed Sexual Health or need more brush up, Go Ask Alice

Reminders: Keep it anon. The only /allowances/ are for people posting fics and authors replying to comments, and even then, I strongly encourage Anons. For a lot of people, there is much less inhibition to being kinky if you don't recognize anyone else here...

On Character Bashing and/or Characters as Rapists Prompts: Okay peeps, I'm sure I'm not the only one (though it certainly isn't for everyone) who enjoy Villain/Hero slash, like Master/Doctor(Who?) because it's hot. ...and goody two shoes Willow Rosenberg is frequently written as evil rapist Vamp!Willow, by people who think it's hot. With that in mind:
a) If you see your beloved Knight of a Character requested or written as a rapist here - let's just assume that OP requested it because they think the knight in question is hotter when evil, so it's not character bashing.
b) Character Bashing: If you prompter, have indeed requested the Knight to be Ebil not because you think the Knight is hot, but because you just need a villain, especially to set up your True Love pairing, PLEASE PLEASE, Warn for character bashing, I don't care how minor the character is, Haley, Will, Jack, Agent Anderson, warn plz (like, dude, I have been in fandoms where I have participated in character bashing - in my own LJ or at the designated comm, it's like how get my angry yelling done before I spend time with the people I love, wise is wise, NO FIGHTING!).
---- So for the love of god, in prompts where there is character bashing, or where a character is portrayed as a rapist (UNLESS the character is an Unsub), please don't say things like, "in my head, that's canon", this is not the place fo rit.
----- If you come across something like that, DO NOT REPLY, contact me and I'll delete it.

BBs, we have a new home:

Criminal Kink Meme VII

...our sandbox is now at Dreamwidth, because Subject Headings Subject Headings! Signing up for a DW account took me less than a minute, they just ask for a birthdate and email, you don't even need to give them a name.

7A - Everything Goes
from Non-Violent Safe Sane Consensual to Dangerous Insane Nonconsenual.

For members of our community who are trauma survivors and find violence and/or consent issues triggering, please consider the option of this: 7B - Safe Space
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